Waves japanese ancient paint
Waves japanese ancient paint
Waves japanese ancient paint
Waves japanese ancient paint

"The whirlpools of Naruto at Awa" by Hiroshige Utagawa, 100% cotton men's polo with pocket. KALPA

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  • material:100% cotton
  • "The whirlpools of Naruto at Awa" which translates to: Awa Naruto no fûha

    of Hiroshige Utagawa (1797-1858) signed: "Hiroshige ga".

    Naruto, which means "the noisy gate", is the eastern outlet of the Inland Sea of Japan; in this famous strait, located off the coast of Awa Province between the islands of Awaji and Shikoku, the speed of the tides and the strength of the currents cause spectacular whirlpools, making it a popular tourist site.
    Hiroshige has succeeded in rendering, with perfect graphic mastery, these vertiginous eddies at the foot of the reefs. The contrast between the agitation of the waves and the soothing lines of Awaji Island at sunset give the composition a dramatic tension.

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